So, it finally happened, your kid is now old enough to ask for a new decor for his room. Sure you want them to be happy, but how can you offer them a room that they’ll love without spending all your vacation money? No, you don’t have to change everything to please your kid. Most of the times, adding a few accessories or changing the wall colors will work wonder to transform your kid’s room. Want to step it up a notch? Try installing a printed wall mural in their room!

Here are a few home décor ideas using murals:

A printed wall mural with your kid’s favorite character

Your kid is obsessed with Spiderman, Mickey or the Little Mermaid? Offer them a printed wall mural with their favorite movie or cartoon character. It’s a guaranteed hit with kids! gives you the possibility to upload your own picture to the website. Simply upload it, enter the dimensions of your wall and you’re good to go. Our wall murals are very easy to install and are printed on high quality, durable material.

A special place for reading and homeworks

Give your kid a special place with their own table where they’ll be able to read, draw, and do their homeworks. To add style to their little office space, simply add a few accessories like picture frames or be original and try something like an animal-shaped pencil holder. If your kid is passionate about something, simply use that subject to create an inspiring wall mural in front of their table.

Use a bright trim color

Photo: Maman pour la vie

For your kid’s room, dare to use bold, bright colors for a unique look. Pastel pink, bright yellow or sky blue will turn any bland room in the most amazing place for your kids. Turn all of this in quality family time by getting your kids involved in the process, to make sure to choose a color that they’ll really like. Want to add a magical touch to the room? Place white or colored lights on the wall trims or mouldings. Want to go even further? Install a printed mural on the mouldings or even the door. Be bold and original, your kids will love it!

Choose a colorful wall mural

Most kid’s rooms are quite small and don’t have much place for storage. Want to draw the attention away from all the toys laying around? Install a colorful wall mural. Not only will it make the room look less messy, it will also make the room look bigger. Your kids will love it and you won’t even see all their toys they always have lying around!

An original headboard

Photo : Maman pour la vie

This one will require a bit more skills and work from your but the result is amazing. A headboard shaped like house, a cloud or a bouquet of flowers… now that’s an original idea to add life to your kid’s bedroom! You can paint it with the design you want but you can also use it to install a decorative mural (Surprise, they’re not only made for walls!). A little bonus advice: Use the headboard as a storage space by adding shelves or drawers! 

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