Yes you can. But you have to let us know. The adhésive on the regular media does not perform well on cold place. So we have to print on  another media.

Yes your mural is washable. However, it must be cleaned with water and mild soap. Under no circumstances should you use strong products to clean it as you may discolor the ink.

No, our mural  material is made to be installed on smooth surfaces like painted drywall or glass

We have others material for other application but you have  to ask for it prior to make your order  because  the price  may be different depending on the application.

If  your wall  as a texture  like you see below, then our product will not work on these  kind of surfaces.

Absolutely. Our mural are made of vynil instead of paper like regular tapestry. So, they are waterproof.

For the majority of our shipments, delivery is included.

 However, there may be a $20 fee to pay if our delivery system indicates an extended service area for the address you provided. If this is the case, you will be notified before we print your order.

A payment by credit card will then be necessary to cover this cost.Orders are sent via Canpar or UPS,and you will need to allow between 10 and 20 days to receive your mural following the order or approval of the visual (if applicable).

This time may vary depending on the destination of the shipment.

We print the orders in 10 days maximum.  Then your order is trimed, packaged and shipped.  It takes approximately   10 to 20 days  to receive your order.

If your project is rush, then you can select our priority processing at the cost of 40$. By doing that, you will receive your order within 5 to 7 working days.

If you live in the Quebec City area, it is possible to have your wallpaper installed by our team. The cost will vary based on the size of the mural. For customers living outside of Quebec City, we recommend that you get help from a home décor center. However, you can fairly easily install your mural yourself with the help of a friend.

Your wall must first be painted and the paint must be completely dry. Make sure there is no dust on the wall before installing, otherwise the mural wallpaper will not stick as easily. It is recommended that you dust off your wall with a dry cloth before the installation. Do not use any cleaning products as they can decrease the adhesion of the wallpaper.

Each panel measures between 42 and 50 inches, depending on the width of your wall. If possible, all the panels of your mural will have the same width.

Your wallpaper is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect. If you receive a damaged mural of if there was a problem with printing, contact customer service to get a free replacement.

To request a replacement mural, you must send a picture of the damage as soon as you receive the package, along with your invoice number. You can’t request a replacement if your mural has already been installed. If your mural was damaged during shipment, also include a picture of the package. A customer service agent will then contact you to explain the return procedure.

Since your mural has been printed espcially for you (choice of material and size), it is not possible to return your mural unless it has been damaged during transport or if there has been a printing error.

Each image is verified by our team, and you will be notify if the image choosed does not meet our quality standards


You mural is printed on a film coated with semi-permanent adhesive that allows you to easily remove it without damaging your wall, for a period of six months following the installation. After that period, your mural can still be removed but it may damage the paint on your wall.

Unfortunately, your mural wallpaper is designed for a single installation. Once removed from the wall, it can’t be reinstalled in a different room.

The graphic design team of Murale Design verifies every file received before printing. You will be contacted if there’s a problem with your image. If you have any questions regarding your choice of photo, contact the customer service for assistance.

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) client information

Please note that we will remain open. However, our production workshop will be closed to the public.

Your orders will be processed, printed and delivered according to the same deadlines as usual.