High resolution picture is strongly recommended

If you send your picture for a mural, be sure your image is at least 2mb. If there’s a resolution problem with your picture, we will communicate with you to let you know, and see if there’s a solution. If you're familiar with DPI, 100 dpi image with the final format is ideal.

Big file size

If you have a big file size and you get an error message when trying to upload, then we invite you to follow these steps.

First, make your order with this image number: 308681935 with the right size.
(We know when we have an order with this image that it’s not the right one)

Then, take note of your invoice number.

Then send us your image with Wetransfer

Wetransfer will need the email address to send the file. Here it is: info@muraledesign.com

In the comment section, write your name, your invoice number and your email address.

We will verify all informations before printing your mural.

File type accepted

  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
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Covid-19 (Corona Virus) client information

Please note that we will remain open. However, our production workshop will be closed to the public.

Your orders will be processed, printed and delivered according to the same deadlines as usual.