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Pattern and abstract

Geometric shapes and patterns are popular in decoration. Choose a beautiful pattern that you will repeat or enlarge to decorate your room. Your mural can be very colorful or very refined according to your taste. The effects of abstract, geometric motifs give a modern, original style. Do not hesitate to ask our graphic designer to repeat the shapes or patterns you have found.

 Easier to install than tapestry, choose your favorite pattern from our two Premium and Standard image banks. If you have questions about Muraldesign, use our online chat and we will be able to answer your questions about the images, installation or delivery. Everyone finds what they are looking for with Muraldesign.

Vector seamless texture. Geometric abstract background. Monochrome repeating pattern of broken lines.
Vector Black and Gold Foil Geometric Mosaic Triangles Repeat Seamless Pattern Background. Can Be Used For Fabric, Wallpaper, Stationery, Packaging.
Abstract geometry gold deco art hexagon pattern
Golden glitter seamless pattern, pink background
Abstract Pattern
Abstract 2D geometric colorful background
Pink and green triangles pattern design. Seamless print in retro
Background of curved rounds
Gold glitter seamless pattern, striped background
Geometric seamless pattern in retro style. Vintage background.Tr
flower pattern vector, repeating linear petal of flower, monochrome stylish
Hand drawn circular textures and grunge doodle elements. Good for creative and greeting cards, posters, flyers, banners and covers.
Triangular shape shimmering blue seamless pattern. Geometric shiny background.
Tiled Red and Black Flannel Pattern Illustration
retro seamless valentines day hearts pattern
Vector Silver Grey Circles Dots Seamless Pattern Background With Fabric Texture. Perfect for neutral nursery, birthday, handmade themed designs.
Black geometric triangle background. Abstract seamless pattern grunge textured.
Black and white geometric pattern background design | Abstract modern art decorative
Displaced 3d triangular background
retro seamless valentines day hearts pattern
Seamless abstract pattern, tangle wavy hair background
Vector seamless hand-drawn pattern with leaf.
abstract Digital futuristic honeycomb background design metalic look
Dark abstract polygonal background
Vector modern seamless colorful geometry pattern circles  , color abstract geometric background,wallpaper print,  retro texture, hipster fashion design,
Geometric Pattern Background
Vector Vintage Dots Circles Seamless Pattern Background With Fabric Texture. Perfect for nursery, birthday, circus or fair themed designs.
Pattern seamless circle abstract wave background stripe green aqua and white line colors. Geometric line vector.
Abstract geometric black and white graphic design print halftone triangle pattern
Vector modern seamless sacred geometry pattern , black and white abstract geometric flower of life background ,wallpaper print,  monochrome retro texture, hipster fashion design
Fashion zigzag pattern, seamless vector background
Colorful irregular vector abstract geometric seamless pattern with hexagons
Seamless stars pattern in pink, black and golden colors. Vector celebration background.
Floral seamless pattern with green leaf. Vector background
Seamless Floral Leaf Pattern
Vector flower pattern. Seamless floral background.
Vector floral pattern in doodle style with flowers and leaves.
Seamless succulent and peony roses
Abstract Pattern
Jungle flowers seamless
Watercolor seamless pattern. Floral print
Seamless tropical flower pattern, watercolor.
Wallpaper baroque, damask. Beige and red vector background. Vintage ornament. background for wallpaper, printing on the packaging paper, textiles, tile.
Spring floral pattern
Tropical seamless floral pattern
seamless floral pattern on white background
Seamless repeat pattern with autumn leaves illustration. Wallpaper design. Scrapbook page. Vector.
Summer Seamless Pattern with Tropical Fruits.
Seamless pattern with branches. Christmas and New Year background.
Seamless pattern background. Branches silhouette with leaves and buds. Vector illustration.
Watercolor floral pattern
seamless retro pattern in mid century modern style. Abstract vines in vintage colors.
Watercolor tropical palm leaves seamless pattern. Vector illustration.
Seamless floral pattern
tropical palm leaves pattern, geometric background
Black and white pattern
Hexagonal Tiles 3D Pattern Wall
Pattern from autumn leaves.
palm pattern
Gold Abstract 3D-Render Background
Vintage floral motif ethnic seamless background.
Watercolor watermelons pattern. Seamless vector background.
Seamless pattern with candy, donuts and lollipops.
Pineapples on the white background. Vector seamless pattern with tropical fruit.
hand drawn watercolor pineapples
Watercolor seamless pattern with strawberry 1
Cute seamless vector pattern with watermelons and dots.
seamless pattern with healthy vegetables
Geometric Seamless Pattern
Watercolor green and pink leaves and berries seamless pattern.
Christmas seamless pattern with tree, birds, barrys. Vector holiday illustration
Seamless background with forest animals
Seamless pattern with cute elephants and butterflies. Vector background for kids design. Baby print.
Seamless pattern with watercolor pink flamingo couple in the shape of a heart
Flamingo Bird Background. Flamingo Feather Background. Retro Seamless Pattern
Autumn forest seamless pattern with cute animals
Colorful seamless pattern with clouds for kids holidays. Cute baby shower vector background. Child drawing style illustration.
Seamless background pattern with squares and shadows, eps10 vector
seamless crocodile cartoon pattern
Vintage seamless pattern with cute little birds. Vector seamless texture for wallpapers, pattern fills, web page backgrounds
Cute seamless pattern with funny llama. vector illustration
Christmas patchwork illustration. Vector seamless pattern. Snow, deer, star, tree and message Merry Holidays. Blush pink, gold, black, white and light green colors.
Handmade seamless pattern background. Abstract blue, grey and pink colored pattern
Cute houses and autumn trees seamless pattern on dark blue background. Scandinavian style illustration. Autumn landscape design for textile, wallpaper, fabric.
Easter seamless pattern design with bunnies. Light baby print for child fabric or gift paper. Vector illustration.
Seamless colorful watercolor clouds pattern. Rain of hearts. Vector illustration.
Cute seamless pattern with fairy unicorns. Childish texture for fabric, textile. Scandinavian style. Vector Illustration
Seamless pattern with watercolor clouds and rain of hearts. Vector illustration.
Cute owls seamless pattern
Adorable seamless pattern with cute foxes - Mother fox and her baby
Soft clouds seamless background. Dotted, striped and wavy childish application cloud pattern for card, wallpaper, album, scrapbook, holiday wrapping paper, textile fabric, garment, t-shirt design etc.
Pink doodle hearts background. Editable vector seamless pattern.
Abstract seamless pattern with stars
seamless pattern with colorful sea creatures
Vector seamless pink  background with  little cute bunny and heart. Hand drawn fabric design.
Vector seamless texture. Beautiful patchwork pattern for design and fashion with decorative elements
moroccan seamless pattern in black and white
Gold background abstract decoration texture
seamless doodle dots geometric pattern
Seamless turquoise japanese art deco floral waves pattern vector
Black colored floral arabesque seamless pattern
motif fleurs et papillon
Black  floral wallpaper pattern.
Papier peint baroque avec texture
Fondo de textura de cuero acolchado en negro tipo chesterfield
Papier peint floral
Texture arabesque
the white texture of the skin quilted sofa
Quilted Leather Background
Close-up View of White Leather Upholstery Background
Chevron zigzag marble patterned background black and white
Vector seamless abstract geometric 3d waves pattern
Seamless Monochrome Pattern. Grungy Geometric Shapes Tiling.
Photo of highly detailed white polygon. White geometric rumpled triangular low poly style. Abstract gradient graphic background. Square. 3d render
Abstract Hexagon Mosaics Background
abstract light background
Seamless pattern with cute elephants and butterflies. Vector background for kids design. Baby print.
circle watercolor pastel seamless pattern. Vector background
White geometric texture - seamless background.
White leather upholstery pattern with diamonds
background with damask pattern
Watercolor vector cactus pattern
Vector Cactus Background. Seamless Pattern. Exotic Plant. Tropic
black and pink pattern
Cactus hipster, etnical silhouetters illustration  pattern vecto
 Watercolor cactus print. Seamless pattern
Hand drawn seamless pattern with cute cactus in simple style. Cute cartoon potted cacti pattern. Vector illustration.
Watercolor Succulent Pattern on White Background
Watercolor hexagon seamless pattern with geometric ornamental elements
Seamless pattern with watercolor apples and pears on white background
Beautiful Watercolor Summer Garden Blooming Flowers Seamless Pattern
Seamless floral pattern with pink flowers  on a white background
tropical hibiscus watercolor pattern, black and white background
Watercolor cactus seamless pattern. Vector background with green and blue cactus isolated on white.
pattern of watercolor blue and green leaves and flowers
Bamboo tree silhouette seamless pattern on white background in japanese style, black and white japanese design, vector illustration for fabric textile design
Hummingbird seamless pattern with bamboo.
Hand drawn seamless pattern with watercolor green apples. Apples and leaves on the white background.
Watercolor Succulent Pattern on Blue Background
Watercolor painting seamless pattern with bananas and palm leaves
Watercolor tropical floral pattern
Seamless wallpaper with stylized flowers, watercolor illustratio
Tropical seamless pattern with parrots, protea and leaves. Watercolor summer print. Exotic hand drawn illustration
Floral seamless pattern. Abstract watercolor illustration. Grunge background
Watercolor pink Flamingo seamless pattern. Vector background design with flamingos for wallpaper, fabric, textile.
Pattern of flowers painted in watercolor on white paper. Sketch of flowers and herbs. Wreath, garland of flowers.
Watercolor White Peonies Pattern
The pattern of butterflies. Seamless background. Watercolor illustration 12
Watercolor hexagon seamless pattern with geometric ornamental elements