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Macro photo

Hooked on close-ups and impressive details that can be admired in an image? The following pictures are for you! Opting for a macro mural means standing out for your originality. In addition, the details are even more impressive in large format. A feathered peacock close-up, the complexity of a drop of water, everything is a matter of taste! Let yourself be inspired!
Muraledesign offers a variety of macro images: navigate over the Standard and Premium categories to find your favorite mural wallpaper. If you do not find among our selection of images, you can also choose a personal image. We suggest you watch our video on the proper installation procedure. You will find that our high quality product is very easy to install.

Birch wooden background
Colorful peacock feathers,Shallow Dof
Bright brown feather group of some bird
a peacock feather macro photo
Cactus close up
Water, air and oil mixed for a bubbly effect
Dandelion seeds standing
Many wine corks, macro view
Bark Tree wood texture
Bark texture of olive tree
Green leaf with drops of water
Blue butterfly wing
close up of beautiful dandelion
Orange flower and droplet
Water drop and flower
sunlit palm tree fronds
Lotus flower blur and soft background
Rose petal texture black and white
white dahlia and light
 green leaf texture
Animal skin background of the patterned fur texture on an African giraffe
Pink peony flower background
Peacock feather with drops of water
stump of oak tree felled - section of the trunk with annual rings
natural fur texture background
Lily of the valley, which bloom in the garden
Dandelion in morning dew
Close-up of dandelion seed on abstract blue background
Macro photo of strawberry texture
brown wooden textue
macro view of dandelion flower head
Fish scale texture for background, Colorful concept
Color Explosion. Colorful Acrylic Ink in Water. Paint Texture
dry poppies
Water drop. Close-up\
Macro Peacock Feather
Pattern of colorful feathers
Beautiful purple dahlia
drops of water on a blue flower
Cactus in Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden
close-up peacock feathers
Textura abstrata de fundo.
feather on a black background
close-up peacock feathers
Ripe pineapples on a yellow wooden background
Dandelion with seeds on black
Dandelion with seeds on black
Close up background of abalone shell, haliotis
Ice texture background
Textura de planta.
Flamingo feather background
Beautiful fluffy air blue feather bird with spots and droplets of rain water dew on a blue brown background close-up macro. Abstract creative elegant artistic image for wallpaper or design.
Surface Hoar Frost Crystals
Textura abstrata de fundo.
White transparent leaf on mirror surface with reflection on green background macro. Abstract artistic image of ship in waters of lake. Template Border natural dreamy artistic image for traveling.
Purple Water Lily
Evil eyes of the snow - Snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) close-up portrait
close-up peacock feathers
Drops on a flower
background of colorful fish scales macro texture
Palm leaves texture background
Cactus Family, barrel cactus, close-up barrel cactus
freshly bloomed cactus from the garden at home
Butterfly wing under the microscope
California Coast Palos Verdes Cactus 03
Ripples of the crystal clear shallow water surface, on a stony beach of Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada.
Bark close up
common barn owl
Il cuore del tempo
Yellow Burst
Water gel balls at peacock feathers. Beautiful transfusion of light and colors in the middle of the hydrogel.
Cactus in brown pot on white background isolated.
Low key bamboo leaves background, The leaves are beautiful detail.
A ladybug on the flower.
Succulent #1
cactus lanzarote
Banana leaf macro
Yellow Tulip Macro
Beautiful black and white lotus bloom, macro
Petals of red chrysanthemum with dew drops
blur feather wool dark black with light abstract background
Abstract macro photo of a dandelion with water drops. Rain drops. Blue toning
bird (turkey) wing with brown feathers closeup
Goccia su foglia con sfondo verde
Macro di foglia verde con gocce
fondo macro de flor anturium
White flower
Green plant
wild poppy flower
Bark Tree wood texture
Blue butterfly wing
Blue butterfly wing
white dahlia and light
waves in grey agate structure
Succulent, plant, close-up, macro.
Fish scale texture for background, Colorful concept
Multicolored butterflies wing
Close up background of abalone shell, haliotis
Closeup of large sunflower with bright yellow leafs and blue sky.
Macro. White-violet big chrysanthemum flower.   Closeup.   Pink-white  flower background. Nature.
Macro of water drop on orange gerber
Abstract Background with Bubbles in Green and Blue
Spring magnolia blossom background. Beautiful nature scene with blooming magnolia
Cogumelo macro.
Palm leaves texture background
Big Orange Gerbera
Rosa llena de rocío
Close-up of a beautiful varietal pastel-pink rose
The Rebel