How to install your
mural wallpaper

Your wall mural is printed on a pre-glued vinyl film designed for a quick installation on painted drywall. The wallpaper can be easily installed on matte, semi-glossy or glossy paint. Your wall surface must be smooth, dry and clean before application. Before installing, first dust off your wall with a dry cloth, without using any cleaning product that could decrease adhesion. If you just painted your wall, refer to the paint manufacturer to know the drying time and conditions before installing your mural.

For the installation procedure, watch the video below.

To install your Tapestry, you’ll need to use a standard tapestry adhesive available in any good hardware store. To facilitate the installation we print strips of 24 '' wide by the height of your wall.
Your tapestry can be installed in a room, a bathroom, in the kitchen or in the basement. The material being made of PVC, water and humidity do not affect it

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