Picture quality makes it or breaks it!

If there’s one criteria that you should take into consideration when choosing a picture for your wall mural, it’s image quality. High resolution pictures will obviously yield much better results than lower resolutions. Where to find such pictures? First, you can start by browsing our database. We have a huge selection of quality pictures with crisp colors, original content, and high definition. To find your ideal picture, you can browse through the different categories: abstract, nature, landscapes, marine life, and much more...

The right dimensions for a nice mural

If you prefer to use your own photograph or a picture you found on the Web, make sure that its resolution is high enough. The pictures in our database all have the right format and right dimensions, but that’s unfortunately not always the case with customer-submitted pictures. The ideal quality for a wall mural is 100dpi. Your file should be between 2MB and 500MB. It’s essential to have a high-quality mural. Don’t worry, before printing your mural, our team will make sure that the picture’s resolution is high enough to guarantee the best results.

Avoid large, even-color blocks in your picture

Good thing to know about wall murals: The more even the color of the mural is, the more visible the joints between the panels will be. That means that you should go for pictures with details and color variations instead of large, even-color blocks. This will help to reduce the appearance of the joints by camouflaging them within the details of the picture.

Use dark colors with caution

The darker the color of your mural, the smaller your room will look. That means that you should avoid using dark colors unless the mural will be installed in a large room. For a smaller room, it’s better to use lighter shades and bright colors.

Take the right measurements

This may sound obvious, but we still have to mention it because it’s so important! Your wall must be correctly measured for your mural to fit perfectly. To have some room for adjustments in case your wall is uneven, we recommend that you add one inch to the height and two inches to the width of your mural.

Last but not least, do not hesitate to ask for our help! Our team will answer any question you may have and we’ll make sure that your picture will make the perfect mural!

Covid-19 (Corona Virus) client information

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