Feeling joyful, peaceful, sad, or angry? What if we told you the colors of the walls surrounding you can influence your mood? Skeptical? You shouldn’t be because a room color can definitely have an effect on the way you feel. Most experienced interior designers will tell you to take into consideration the emotions associated with each color before you make your decision.

To help you choose the right color for your printed wall mural, here’s everything you need to know about the psychology behind colors.

White: Light and peace

A symbol of purity and peace, white will add light to your room and make it look bigger, even on rainy days! The best thing about white? It matches with every style and every material : wood, glass, ceramic, concrete, everything! White soothes the mind and calm your nerves, leaving you in a peaceful state of mind. You can never go wrong with a white mural!

Black : Intensity and style

Black is often associated with sadness, melancholy, and other serious matters. It’s the color of mourning, the color of death... Not something that you’d want in your room, right? Well, maybe not! Used sparingly, black can add intensity to a room. Obviously, you shouldn’t overdo it, but a black mural will add style and make the other colors in the room look sharper. Not convinced? Black also adds elegance and refinement to your room while keeping a very sober look. Use it with moderation and you won’t regret it!

Red : Passion and love

Here’s a color that won’t leave anyone indifferent. It’s the color of love, of passion... and blood. Red will apparently boost your energy level, so you should use it in a room with a high level of activity, like your entrance hall, your kitchen, or your home gym. Red will add warmth and sensuality to a room, so it can also be used for your bedroom. However, in excess, red can irritate you and even cause anger. Your best option is to use red in small doses without it being the dominant color.

Blue : Calm and relaxation

Blue is the most relaxing color. It eases tensions, soothes your nerves, and gives you a feeling of security. It’s perfect for a kid’s room! Lighter shades of blue are supposed to boost creativity while deeper blue shades will help you fall asleep faster. In other words, darker shades of blue are perfect for your bedroom but you’ll want to avoid it for your work place.

Yellow : Optimism and enthusiasm

Yellow is a bright and joyful color. It helps with concentration, memory and decision making. Yellow is also supposed to help with your sense of organization and give you a positive attitude. With all the benefits associated with yellow, you can use this color in practically every room of your house!

Green : Nature and life

Green is a symbol of nature and life. It is comforting and calming. Lime green will add a touch of joy and lightness to your room. On the other end of the spectrum, dark green is considered a relaxing color. No matter the shade, green will bring a bit of nature into your room!

So, which color is it going to be for you? Think about the mood you want to be associated with that room before you decide. Warm, bright, peaceful... the choice is yours! Start planning your mural project now by selecting a picture from our database or uploading your own.

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